That’s R75,900.1761 to you, China


Foreign merchandisers of District 9 paraphernalia, please note: the movie is set in South Africa.

Our currency is the South African Rand, or ZAR.

The current exchange rate is US$1 = R7.59001761. Get it right, please.

You’re messing up the whole mythology!

Or have I got it wrong, and have the Prawns now relocated to Washington?


2 comments on “That’s R75,900.1761 to you, China

  1. Your response raises the hackles of the picky, pedantic grammar Nazi in me – That’s R 75 900,1761 to you, China. You put a space after any currency symbol that uses an ordinary letter of the alphabet. And in South Africa, thousands are separated by spaces, and decimal fractions come after a comma, not the US/UK point. :p

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