Over-11s in action, Randburg C vs Old Parktonians




I have often wondered, while standing on the sidelines and watching my son in action for Randburg U-11C – or to be more accurate, standing on the pitch and watching my son in action for Randburg U-11C – whether the point will ever come where the ref blows the whistle and yells: “Okay, that’s it! Boys, off the field! Dads, on the field, since you seem to know so much about how to play the game!”

And then the dads would have get on the field, and play a gruelling game of football while their sons and the ref stood on the side and roared with laughter.

Well, that’s what happened at Old Parktonians today.

To be fair, it was a voluntary match, an end of season tradition, played not for points or a trophy, but to prove a powerful point to everyone watching.

The point being that U-11 boys are somewhat better than Over-11 dads when it comes to playing football.

I volunteered to take photographs and shout “Go, Randburg!” every now and again, so here is a sequence of thrilling moments from the match, which was a 1-1 draw.

I think each half was about 10 minutes. The dads looked very fit. Fit to collapse if they played any longer than 10 minutes, that is.

Okay, okay! Next time I’ll play too. But only if the moms join in.


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