Sophisticated South African security system, using cardboard, sellotape, & the power of suggestion


Ask yourself, Punk…do you feel lucky today? Well, do you?

I know what you’re thinking, Punk. You’re thinking, that probably isn’t a security system at all.

You’re thinking, it’s just a few pieces of cardboard sellotaped together and strung across a corridor at chest-level. Or eye-level, depending on how tall you are.

You’re thinking, also, how can a passive alarm be active at the same time? Aren’t you, Punk? Well, go ahead, Punk.

Why don’t you take a walk pass that point. Go on. I double-dare you. Go ahead and make my day, Punk.

But please could I ask you to walk under the cardboard, if you don’t mind. It’s a real pain to stick it all back together when someone runs through it just for laughs.

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