Let’s Raise a Mug to the New South Africa, Born 20 Years Ago Today. Hic.


At the end of every year, for some obscure reason, the Times Media Limited Group, now known as Avusa, or perhaps Acasa (I don’t work for them anymore, so I’m not too sure) used to reward its faithful workers with the following: 1 X free ceramic commemorative beermug, in lieu of a salary increase.

The idea was that you could read the outside of the beermug, swell with pride at all the great stories that were broken during the year, and then fill the inside with beer and get yourself or the beermug smashed, whichever came first.

This is the 1990 edition of the Times Media Limited Special Limited-Edition Commemorative Beermug.

It features a bunch of thumbnail front pages about the great events of the year, notably the release of Nelson Mandela and the official end of Apartheid. Also, if you look very closely, there’s a front-page advert for Ceramic Tile Market, offering Unbelievable Bargains on 1st Grade Unglazed Patio Floor Tiles for only R34.95.

Ah, yes, those were the days. How much was a mug of beer back then? I don’t know, but the mug itself was free, so I’m not complaining.

I wonder what I’d get for it on eBay. I mean, it’s completely un-drunken from, and has only ever been used to store pens, paper clips, and free USB flash drives.

Here’s to the New South Africa, born 20 years ago today, and still quite shiny and new when you think of it. Cheers.


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2 comments on “Let’s Raise a Mug to the New South Africa, Born 20 Years Ago Today. Hic.

  1. Wow, I work for the same place to date based with The Times newspaper and now we have what we call performance assessments to ensure you get a raise, as opposed to a mug LOL. So you get what you work for LOL.Loved reading the vast changes that have happened within this company, perhaps I could ask the boss to publish this, its a great read.On my 5th year here and its been a journey and a half already…

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed my stint on the Sunday Times, and the mug has pride of place on my desk. I have a few others as well from over the years, but this one is my favourite…

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