“Bloody Agent!”

“Revolutionary House” is in the house. The slickest, sickest dancefloor mix yet to emerge from last week’s ANC Youth League Press briefing. The one that ended briefly for Jonah Fisher of the BBC.

This music reminds me of the “found-sound” mixes Warrick Sony used to make with his one-man electronic band, the Kalahari Surfers, in the 80s, using bits and pieces of rhythm and shouted statements from Government Ministers.

I don’t know who “Revolutionary House” is by, but I’ll add a credit as soon as I find out. Enjoy.

*Update: the track was mixed by a Johannesburg music producer named David Law. Click here for a Q&A interview. Thank you!


84 comments on ““Bloody Agent!”

  1. Classic tune! Love it long time.Great find Gus. We have to find out who did it to give appropriate praise.

  2. This needs a mention too, great track :)DJ Micks – Touch Me On My Studiohttp://www.4shared.com/audio/EkENH4He/Dj_Micks_-_touch_me_on_my_stud.html

  3. Haai guys, this Juju Baby track rocks! The beat if nothing else is a WINNER!! (I know we shouldn’t give him a platform..)

  4. Anyone know who should be getting credit for this track, will mos def be opening my Open Closet even on the 1st of may at roxy’s with this hit…………let me go tataring all over the office

  5. Wat a lekker track now sama’s here we come!!!!!!! ayooooooooooooooooooba! Bloody tjietjarag AGENT!!

  6. I’m soooo in Love with this song, I can see myself dancing to dis ish… as in breaking it down… bloooooooody agent,

  7. I think Malema is a doos, he is a bloody agent, a mutha funking useless stupid agent. But i am a dance agent, with dance tendencies…

  8. Much thanks for that, a US paper has now done an interview with the mix-master, and I’ll update with a credit as soon as it’s online.

  9. I must say, Malema is a cure for all the black people who have been oppressed by White Tendency…. Bloody Agent, Security take this THING out of here…. now that is AYOBA!

  10. Hey dudes just in case you’re all in the dark about who did the track………Hi I’m David Law, did a version of “Touch me on my studio” too, Lemme know if you’d like me to send it to you. “REVOLUTIONARY HOUSE” has gone worldwide. Check out these linkshttp://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/apr/21/julius-malema-youtube-songhttp://www.zanedickens.com/just-for-fun/revolutionary-house-by-david-law/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LCde6ayeyA

  11. Greetings David, congratulations on your phenomenal track…I’d love to do a proper interview with you about it…cheers, Gus

  12. could someone please compress these songs and send them to me?? pretty please?? lol.got a terribly slow internet connection so if they are compressed to around 5mb it would be perfect. I’d like both touch me on my studio by dj micks and the julius malema song. Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. does anybody knw where i can get the house track mixed with S.A police commissioners speech in it……stomach in chest out?

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