Bugger Julius Malema & the Range Rover He Rode In On. We’re Still the Rainbow Nation.


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Okay, I know. It’s just a trick of the light. It’s just an illusion, a meteorological phenomenon, caused by the sun shining on beads of moisture in the atmosphere.

There isn’t really an arc of many colours up there. There isn’t really a pot of gold at the end of it, and even if you could get to the end of it, the whole thing would have vanished into the ether by the time you got there.

But still, a rainbow means something, and it means something special over here. It reminds us not to get too distracted by the noises and the voices and the pressing issues of the day.

It reminds us to look at the big sky, at the bigger picture, at the light that still shines after the storm has broken.

This was Joburg today, at about 5.15pm. I would have got out and stepped back and shot a panorama of the whole spectacular double rainbow with my iPhone, but the guy behind me was hooting, and the guy at the robot was trying to sell me a newspaper with a front page full of Julius Malema. For once, I didn’t even notice.



2 comments on “Bugger Julius Malema & the Range Rover He Rode In On. We’re Still the Rainbow Nation.

  1. Great picture Gus. I saw it yesterday from the Benmore area and was equally impressed. JuJu Baby headlines be damned – we can like to be the Rainbow Nation!Greg @ The BlaBla BlogPS – You probably were too distracted by the rainbow to notice the irony in having Adult World positioned above The Bed Shop?

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