The Green, Green Grass of Home. Gracias, Honduras.

The last lingering car-flags may be faded and fraying at the edges, but here at the home-ground of the Randburg Assocation Football Club, the legacy of the 2010 World Cup is bright, vibrant, and a heck of  a lot greener than the grass on the other side of the fence.
Because this pitch, once dry and scrappy, was appropriated, dug up, resurfaced, re-goal-netted and boldly white-lined for the exclusive use of the Honduran National Squad, who trained here in the run-up to the Cup, making fine and noble use of the pristine battleground.
Alas, it didn’t them too much good, because they went home with only a single point out of three games, thanks to a pride-salvaging draw against Switzerland.
Now the turf has been returned to its rightful tenants, a tribe of blue-kitted warriors who are only too happy to play their Sunday games on a pitch of World Cup quality.
This picture is from Randburg U12B vs the log-leaders, Disapora Academy U12A.
They’re still the log-leaders, having beaten my son’s tream by 4 goals to 1. As my son pointed out, that’s the same ratio by which Germany beat England. But hey, at least Randburg can be proud that they held the home-ground advantage.
*Technical note: I took this pic with my iPhone, using an app called Tiltshift Generator, which allows you to manipulate the depth-of-field to allow certain areas to stand out in pin-sharp focus, and others not. So the burring here is arty and deliberate. Thank you for noticing!


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