Wanted: Good Home for Misplaced Apostrophe


I parked at my own risk in front of this sign, at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism in Johannesburg, so I can’t really blame anyone for the way the sign says what it says.

But I will just say this much: next time round, maybe the IAJ shouldn’t leave the copy-editing of its parking signs up to the nearest available Rhodes Journalism graduate.




2 comments on “Wanted: Good Home for Misplaced Apostrophe

  1. Did you ever see the Tesco’s sign in Wales which they ballsed up? All signs in Wales are in English and Welsh and Tesco needed one to tell people not to park in a particular area. So they emailed “please do not park here” off the the translation department and got a reply and had the sign made and installed. Except the Welsh version translated back into English read “Sorry. We’re not in the office right now but please contact us again on Monday”.Ok that’s less to do with your blog post than I ogirinally though, but it’s funny nonetheless.

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