Cruel & Unusual LG Cellphone Ad Advocates the Spraying of Shaving Foam on Innocent Spiders



On behalf of arachnids and arachnophiliacs everywhere, I wish to register the strongest possible protest against this advert for the Optimus One phone from LG. 

As you can see, by way of demonstrating that the phone is capable of searching the Internet, the copywriter has chosen to play on man’s irrational fear of the eight-legged creatures that share our planet and mean us no harm.

Well, not man’s, in this case, but little girl’s.

Little girl who has seen big spider, screamed, whipped out her Optimus One, waited for 3G signal, fired up browser, typed in, typed in “Big Spider Removal”, waited for 3G signal…sorry, little girl. Next time, try something from Apple.

Or even better, try running away from the spider, which is far more afraid of you than you should be you of it.

But the point here is the advice that the ad contains, which is to grab the nearest can of shaving foam and spray it on the spider. I cannot even begin to tell you how ill-considered, ignorant, cruel, and outrageously misleading this advice is.

But I will just say, in the interests of accuracy, that I looked up “Big Spider Removal” on Google, and it returned just one result, which made no mention at all of shaving foam.

Please, people. Do not spray shaving foam on spiders. Do not spray anything on spiders. Do not be nasty to spiders. And do not buy your children an Optimus One phone from LG.

I would complain formally to the Advertising Standards Authority about this ad, but I believe they’re very busy at the moment with all the complaints from the millions of people who bought themselves PowerBand bracelets and have not won any major international sporting tournaments.

*Update: This ad, and its TV variant, has now been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa. Hooray! A victory for arachnids and arachnophiliacs everywhere.





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