And the Walls Come Tumbling Down


This is a piece of history. This is a fragment of memory.

This is a sliver of concrete proof that the walls that divide people from each other will one day – maybe in this generation, maybe in the next, maybe a thousand years hence – come tumbling down.

I found this in an old printer’s tray the other day, and I remembered how a friend, on assignment for the SABC, had brought it back home as a gift from Berlin, when the wall fell in November, 1989, to the tapping and chipping of thousands of hammers.

A few months later, the wall began to fall in South Africa too, and the laws that kept us apart began to fade from the statute books. Of course, just because the walls fall, doesn’t mean that the divisions don’t remain.

Because they run deep, and invisible walls are always the hardest to break. But this is a reminder, too.

All walls, eventually, will fall, and for once, we will be able to look beyond them and see that the people on the other side were not, after all, any different from ourselves.


4 comments on “And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

  1. I can’t believe it’s been 25 years already! I grew up with the reality of that eternal wall dividing a nation in the same way our apartheid divided us from the civilized world. It was surreal watching that wall come down.

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