ABC. Always Be Charging!

Your heart sinks when the power fades to black. You hold out a flicker of hope that this time, it’s just a break in the circuits.
But when you shine a torch into the mains box outside, all switches are in the up position. The street is dark and quiet. The lamps have been dimmed. But you know the routine by now.
It is better to light a candle than it is to curse the darkness, and cursing Eskom only makes you feel better for a little while.
Modern life is made up of a series of small, comforting rituals. The flip of a switch that floods a room with light. The hiss of a kettle working its way to steam. The pulse of a green beacon on a WiFi router.
You’re wired, connected, plugged in to the world. And then, suddenly, you’re not. But this, too, shall pass.
The lights will flare again, the circuits will surge. And in the meantime, as long as we are left to our own devices, remember and observe the mantra. ABC. Always Be Charging!
Here’s wishing you a bright and powerful festive season, and the lightest of loads on the schedules.

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