This is Marcus Rammego, standing outside the hair salon he runs from his home in Atteridgeville, just outside Pretoria. He calls himself and his salon Mocca – “Everybody needs a brand” – and he serves a steady stream of customers, men as well as women, who come to get the latest looks and styles. Marcus grew up wanting to be a lawyer, a professional, a person of status in society. But he has since come to realise that you can make just as much of a mark by helping people look and feel good. He is a cosmetologist by qualification, but he considers himself a “designer of people”, a sculptor of heads, whatever the look, whatever the style. “I can just as easily do a mullet,” he said. “It’s all about the layering.” I asked him about trends, and he said, definitely, the move is back towards natural hair. “Real hair, for real people.” He showed me around his salon, a converted lounge where a muted groove played over the speakers, and the walls were decorated with portraits of regal-looking role-models, coiffed to perfection. “Hair is where fashion begins,” said Marcus of Mocca Hair Design, an artist, a businessman, an entreprenhair.


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