The Sweetness of Oranges: a Karoo Story

“Good morning!” she said, getting out of her double-cab, in the parking lot of the Victoria Hotel in Cradock, “and how are you this morning? Is it cold enough for you?”
And then, barely waiting for an answer, she added: “Would you like some nice Karoo oranges?” As a Joburger, my first thought was, I’m being pitched, fast-sold a box of goods I don’t really need, but before I could even ask the price, she was piling oranges in the box and handing them to me with a smile.
And then, scarfed and jacketed against the chill, she waved us goodbye and went on her merry way. I don’t even know who she was, the proprietor maybe, or perhaps a supplier from a farm, but here are the oranges, my souvenirs from the Karoo, grown in the red earth and given with goodness and grace.

I think every once in a while we need to escape the grand and petty squabbles of the city, the stresses that concentrate and sap our energy, and take a sho’t left into the Platteland, where the land lies waiting and the skies are as big and as open as the hearts of the people who live below them.

4 comments on “The Sweetness of Oranges: a Karoo Story

  1. I think people are at times so caught up in the fear of being taken advantage of that they miss out on wonderful interactions. Sometimes you just have to be open to buying that box of goods you might not really need, just to experience small moments like these. Welcome to the Karoo 🙂

  2. Wonderful story that restores one’s faith in the human race. Those oranges were sweet in more ways than one.

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