Maybe Europeans Should Just Run Faster?

Media_httpcachegawkercomassetsimages7200908500xcustom1251228465577caster2jpg_sgffsfogjjfjmsz, the Web’s snarkiest site, cuts to the chase on Caster Semenya.

They’re referring to Semenya’s continental rivals, at least a couple of whom whined about her “unfair” victory in the 800m at the World Athletic Championships, but I wonder if Gawker realise the resonance of the term “Europeans” in the South African racial lexicon?

Used to be that if you were white in SA, you were officially a “European”, no matter what part of the world your ancestors sprang from, while if you were black, you were officially a “Non-European”, your race defined according to what you were not rather than what you were.

But Gawker is right. If those Europeans had just run a little faster, and the South African had finished second, third, fourth, or fifth, none of the hoo-ha would have happened in the first place.

But it did, because she finished in the first place. Sorry, Europeans!